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Frequently Asked Questions

We are delighted that you are considering Culture Coffee for your next event. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions…


Where is Culture Coffee? Culture Coffee is located at 709 Kennedy Street NW in the Brightwood/Brightwood Park NW neighborhood of DC. The easiest way to reach Culture Coffee is by car. There is only street parking available near Culture Coffee.  By Metro: Take the metro to FORT TOTTEN, board bus E4 or E2 towards Friendship Heights Station and get off at Kennedy and 7th Street NW.  Or take the metro to TAKOMA METRO STATION and board bus 62 towards Georgia Ave  – Petworth, get off at the 5th Street & Kennedy St NW and walk two blocks west to the shop.

Does Culture Coffee serve food and drink during events?   Yes, serve food and drinks. We do not ALLOW OUTSIDE FOOD (No exceptions). Please Note: We are not a full-scale restaurant; we do not have hot wings, potato skins and the likes. This is a coffee shop.

What time should I arrive at Culture Coffee for a show?  For live performances, it is best to arrive at least 15 minutes before performance time.

Is there a cover charge?   The cover charge depends on the host of the show, refer to your eventbrite link or respective flyer.

Is Culture Coffee handicap accessible? Yes, individuals in wheelchairs can access the shop via a wheelchair ramp and our bathroom is ADA compliant.

Are the events at Culture Coffee age appropriate?  Unless otherwise stated on promotional materials, Culture Coffee events are open to ALL AGES.  Note: Spoken word events do sometimes include explicit language (“cussing”), so we encourage parents to exercise their best judgment when deciding whether to bring younger children.

Do you serve alcohol?  No, we do not have a beer/wine license.

How can I perform or present my work at Culture Coffee? Schedule an in-person meeting with the owners and/or e-mail us a short proposal to  info@culturecoffeedc.com . The proposal should include  the following: Brief artist statement/bio, Date/Time of proposed event, Web URLs to view your work and social medium accounts.  Please do NOT send large attachments.

Is there a deposit?   Yes, we require that artists make a deposit in order to secure an event date. This deposit is necessary because if an artist cancels an event at the last minute or does not attract any customers, we can lose money. The amount of the deposit depends on the event, but ranges from $50 – $100. The deposit is only refundable in the case of inclement weather.

Who promotes the event?   You do. And Culture Coffee will promote your event on our website, Facebook page and Twitter. However, we are not in the PR business, therefore, artists’ are responsible for promotion and marketing outside Culture Coffee. The success of your show relies, in great part, on your own ability to publicize it in as many places as you can. Promote your event to your friends, fans, followers and press contacts.

Can I rent Culture Coffee for an event?  Culture Coffee is available for rentals from time to time. The rental fee will be based on the logistical needs of the event (i.e. length of the event, the number of people expected to attend, the technical demands and the number of our staff members needed). We encourage prospective renters to visit CULTURE COFFEE to view the interior. If you are interested in renting Culture Coffee, please contact 202.507.8349 or e-mail info@culturecoffeedc.com

Can I videotape or make audio recordings of events at Culture Coffee?   No, unless you have written permission from Culture Coffee owners you may not record a full event or bring recording devices into Culture Coffee.  We realize that posting videos of performances online is an important means of promotion for many artists. Nevertheless, we also know of too many instances when the work of artists has been recorded and distributed without their permission.  Out of respect for our artists AND for the audiences who come to see them perform live. We strictly forbid unauthorized recording of any events. If you would like to request permission to record an event at Culture Coffee, please contact 202.507.8349 or e-mail info@culturecoffeedc.com.

How do I apply for jobs or internships at Culture Coffee?  Resumes and letters of inquiry may be submitted to vvcooop@culturecoffeedc.com.

Is the Culture Coffee only for African/African-American artists? No. Culture Coffee is a multi-cultural company that wants to collaborate and support artists of all cultures and ethnic diversities. We strive to start a movement of inclusiveness and artistic excellence in D.C..

How do I prepare for my art exhibit?   Schedule time to bring and setup pieces in the shop after hours. The artist is also responsible for the following:

  • Transporting works to and from venue. If you will not be with the movers/transporters, you must provide contact name and phone number
  • Meeting with owners in person to discuss event details. We will not reserve a booking over the phone or email for new artists.
  • Providing contact information (names, phone numbers) for all artists’ staff involved in the showcase (managers, lawyers, your cousin from Philly).


Additionally, here are few terms and conditions…
  1. Culture Coffee reserves the right to make all booking, program and rental decisions. Your show is not finalized until you receive a written email confirmation from the owners and we have received your deposit. The owners must approve all shows.
  2. A SECURITY DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED BEFORE YOUR SHOW CAN BE FINALIZED. The amount of deposit will depend on the start time, duration and logistical needs of your show.
  3. We reserve the right to review all promotional material with the shop logo and information on it to ensure accuracy and correctness.